You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted!

Love to Hate

I find it hard to criticize. Anyone or anything. I don’t know what it is. I find people extensively criticizing other people, events, religions, history, books and every other thing that exists. Such people themselves have not done anything significant in their lives, but they have all the time in world to talk, discuss and disapprove of so many things. They will find negativity in the best of things. They will never appreciate anything; or rather find inadequacies and faults in every single thing. And frankly, I find it a bit tough to deal with them.


I know a friend who has a habit of delving into criticism at every opportunity she gets. I asked her many times- why do you do this? Why criticize so much? She plainly replied- I am just speaking the truth! Truth? Really? Who decides what the truth is? Maybe they are highly developed spiritual beings who have actually discovered the ‘truth’. I can probably never reach their level and therefore this ‘truth’ is incomprehensible to me!

I believe this to be a very narcissist outlook.


Truth is a relative term. What is true for me may not be true for you. 2 people maybe saying 2 different and contradictory things, but both of them may be correct. Like, if I (in India) say that its night and another person (in the US) says its day, we both contradict each other but neither of us are wrong!

So who decides what the truth is?!

Everyone has their own story. Everybody puts up an effort to live and survive each day. And everyone has certain shortcomings. No one is perfect. But all of this falls short before the might of a pessimistic, self-absorbed critic! And with the advent of social media, the world of internet is an open playground for them! I see posts and comments on popular social networking sites which are rude, insulting and downright disrespectful. Anonymity gives an advantage. I see movies, plays, works of art, beliefs, freedom fighters, scholars, scientists, artists, ideas, innovations, creativity being openly criticized. And by ‘criticize’ I mean completely rejected. And who are these critics? No one knows them. They probably are frustrated individuals who could not accomplish anything remarkable in their lives and are perhaps envious of the achievements of others.


I sense unrest amongst these self acclaimed critics. I try to read between their lines, but I find only further unrest. Their statements reek of disparagement. You can almost see them scorning at you! Sometimes I even try to reason with them and try showing them the better side, but they choose to disregard it and criticize me in return! Sometimes I try to reason myself and see if they mean well and if this criticism is constructive by any means. I am delighted if it is! Constructive criticism is always a good method to support improvement. I’m totally for it. I don’t advocate accepting things blindly. But idle criticism (as I call it) is just a waste of time!

Conflicts will always be arise, I donot deny. There will always be differences in opinions. But I feel if we have a supportive and appreciative outlook towards matters, it will not only boost solidarity but also aid to have a healthy dialogue and possibly a positive conclusion.

It all depends on the perspective. One should learn to understand and appreciate the viewpoint of others. Rather than searching for a winner, it would be a better option if both parties agree to disagree and reach an amicable resolution which is the least risky to both.

Dear self acclaimed critics- Please try looking at the brighter side of things for once. They are much better to enjoy. It can happen that something is absolutely bad and blameworthy, but I know for sure that there will be something, as minute as it can be, that is good in it. Try exploring for it for a change. Please don’t argue just for the sake of arguing. One needs to introspect first before being critical. Life will be much more positive and bright if one embraces optimism and sanguinity.


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  1. Hey Rashmi, your post was so serendipitous! I was just talking with my friends about social media abuse. I completely agree with your points! I think I need to bookmark this post and keep going back to it, I’m sure it will be needed again. 🙂


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