You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted!

THIS moment!

Every moment is new.  Unanticipated.  Mysterious. Unknown. Unpredictable. I know I cannot hold on to it. I cannot create or re-create it. But I can create a memory out of it. And I might as well create a good one!

I feel sometimes I underestimate myself and believe that I donot have enough time….enough moments during the day. I am occupied with countless activities and chores. I get into a routine and feel that there’s nothing ‘new’ in life. Again, here I forget that the next minute is going to be a new moment. A new opportunity! I can either let it pass uneventfully or utilize it to my benefit and try to create something new! One might argue – I have to do laundry everyday, what new can I create in that?

Well, have you ever tried observing the soap bubbles?


How they form and burst eventually? Though transparent, they carry so many colours within them? If you really look closely, these soap bubbles themselves demonstrate how you should look at the moments in your lives. They form and they burst. But for the short time that they are visible, they embrace all the colours that exist in nature and exude beauty! Don’t they look lovely? Will laundry be the same again now?

It all depends on the perspective.

What does this picture depict? Is the sun rising or setting?


It is just a moment. A moment in my life. By itself it is completely empty. It is I who need to fill it. Either with a sunrise or a sunset. The ultimate decision lies with ME!



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