You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted!

You are waiting in queue at the ticket counter, but someone slips ahead, with least concern for every other idiot standing in line for so long, and asks for a ticket.. The woman at the counter would not care much about this either, she will serve whoever comes to the counter first.

You are waiting in line to fill fuel. It’s Monday and you are already late for office. But still, you are waiting for your turn in the line. There comes a hero, with a blingy bike. Goes right ahead upto the fuel machine and demands that his bike should be filled in first. Before the 40 bikes already waiting in line since the past 30 mins!.  This guy at least showed off his might. But there a sly few who just silently inch ahead. The other day, there were only 3 bikes in line. The one before me just got filled in and I was moving my bike towards the counter and reached my purse to take out money. Taking advantage of these crucial seconds the bike behind me silently slid ahead of me and the guy signaled the worker to fill his tank first.

You are waiting at the traffic signal. There are 40 seconds left on the timer for the signal to go green. So you switch off your bike and chill. The rickshaw and the travel bus behind you are not happy though. They want you to move ahead…go over the zebra crossing…why are you wasting so much space!! Pedestrians don’t need zebra crossing to cross the road! You can almost see their red faces in the noise of the horns they are honking at you. Meanwhile the timer shows 10 seconds. All the more reason for them to honk as all the other bikes have already surpassed you and are all over the place. They have marked their territory, they own this road! The timer shows 5 seconds left but it is actually a secret sign to these people that – 5 seconds at the signal don’t count! You have so many more important things you can do in those 5 seconds….like jump the signal and dash ahead! There is a prize waiting at the other side of the signal! The idiot that I am….i cannot comprehend this very intelligent message.

Do these incidents sound familiar? And frustrating? They will, to the ones who care for rules. And fellow citizens. They say- Rules are meant to be broken. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard! No. Rules are meant to be followed because they make your life better (or bearable atleast). They are meant to reduce the obstacles you face each day. They are made so that people can co-exist. Without rules we would just be like wild animals….all running in different directions and ultimately getting lost!

Discipline is just doing the same thing the right way whether anyone’s watching or not.”


There is a reason for every queue, for every traffic signal, for every zebra crossing, for every speed limit, for helmet and every seat belt. And no, it is not the responsibility of the government to ensure that people follow them. They are meant for the safety of the people and so it is the people who should ensure that they are followed. I have seen people in developed nations like America and Japan diligently following civic rules. I can’t help but wonder- is that why they are ‘developed’ nations and we are still ‘developing’? Isn’t discipline an attitude rather than a behavior?

I have also seen people who follow rules are looked down upon. Laughed at. While the ones who break them are heroes. Its so evident on their faces. Gleaming with pride! Sorry, but for me, these so called heroes are laughable morons!

I am not talking about drastically changing anything. I am only thinking what kind of a world it would be if people just did what they are supposed to do. Isn’t that a natural expectation? As natural as expecting a mango tree to produce mango?

I read somewhere- If you don’t like the rules, follow them, reach the top and change them. But before that, why not try and inculcate a routine of discipline, generosity, courteousness, respect and good etiquette? Why not reflect upon rules with a constructive outlook, follow them and see what difference it makes? It doesn’t have to be a mass movement. It starts with YOU! If each of us decides that we will live a life of discipline, I feel the world would be a healthier, easier and a more tolerant place to stay.


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