You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted!

YOU deserve happiness!

Lately, a lot is being discussed about women safety. Awareness is good. Women do need to be aware of their rights. It would also help if they know some self-defense techniques. They could carry pepper sprays. This will save them from physical assaults. But what about the emotional assaults they face everyday? It’s hard to believe but there still are women living in cities like Mumbai and Pune who are so oppressed….not by others but by themselves. They have decided that whatever happens to them, they will keep suffering, they wont seek a change….change is bad…what will people say! Why do we (as women) blame husbands, parents or in-laws for whatever is going wrong in our lives? Why can’t we take our own responsibility? Isn’t it my responsibility to safeguard my happiness?

Does this sound selfish? I don’t care! I believe if you can’t love and take care of yourself, you can’t do that for anyone else either. If you are not happy..for whatever reason…why cant you take some time out, analyse the situation and see what you can do to at least get the peace of mind you deserve? Ignorance or avoidance is not going to resolve your issues. And if you keep suffering it’s not going to please God either! If you experience unacceptable behavior, at home or outside, just speak out! Dont be afraid to break the routine. If anyone abuses you every single day don’t take it lightly by saying this happens everyday, whats new? You need to stop this!  And you can! Face the situation rather than running away. Tell them that they are wrong to have taken you for granted!

There could be a time when a lot is running in your mind……don’t get your detective cap on for every single thing that happens! Relax. The universe is not conspiring against you all the time. You should be alert and aware if what is going on around you…but don’t clutter your mind only with those thoughts. If you dont clear your mind you wont think right and take the best decision. Think ahead.

Always be true to yourself. If you realize that you have made a mistake, don’t let your ego stop you from accepting it. Say sorry and move ahead.

Lastly, I would say, don’t invest too much energy and time into something that is not going to work out anyway. Instead, use this energy for creating happiness. Change your job (get one if you dont have), relocate, sponsor a child’s education, go for a long vacation…anything that will make you happy. Because you deserve to be that way! Creating happiness doesn’t always need money, it could be as simple as having coffee, eating an entire bar of chocolate, shopping, talking to a friend…..anything that gives you true happiness. But you need to shift your focus from all the negativity.  And when you are happy…dont find reasons to get sad again. Because you know you will find many of them! Dont. Just concentrate on being happy, cheerful and optimistic. Think about your shortcomings as opportunities. Experience never goes waste. So take it and move ahead. Dont get entangled so much in your problems. Look up, and smile!

Emotional stability and happiness  forms a core part of Womens’ safety which often remains neglected as it is not always expressed adequately.  So rather than looking at external resources to safeguard them it is essential that women take time to introspect and seek change wherever necessary.


To all the beautiful women in this world- You get only one life- Make it happy!


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